Summer's going quickly! I'm making the most of what's left with heaping bowlfuls of this italian yumminess. Find yours here.


"What’s cuter than one puppy?”

"...“Lots of puppies all stuck together.”

Vera Balyura's Puppy Knuckle-Duster Ring available here.


L'Hotel du Pascal

My friend Teresa recently asked if I knew of any pet-friendly hotels in Vegas; "Of course I do!", I replied. I turned her to this place, where you can find a list of hotels worldwide that welcome and cater to your pets. They have everything from pet spas to more practical services like petsitting and planning and arranging meals for them.

And after you've booked your stay, you can pack this totally unnecessary but super cute travel kit for him / her! Find it here.
Photo: Rob Baumeister


Tuna Tartare

Tuna Tartare, I don't care what they say! You're still delicious and I will continue to eat lots & lots of you every chance I get, even if you're considered a 'dying food trend'. Delicious, fool-proof recipe here.
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Happy Friday! If you're in the L.A. area, you should check this, this, & this out this weekend.
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DIY Lucite Tray

You can get this here for $200.00+, or you can save yourself a bunch and DIY with this, this & these guys!


Find this cheap here.
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